Washington German Shepherd Rescue

We would like to thank our amazing veterinarians. Without their help, none of this would be possible. Taking in dogs with broken limbs, dogs needing x-rays and ultrasounds would not be possible!

Thank you Marianne for managing all the records, hundreds and hundreds of them!

Thank you to Joyce and Michael for being one of the most devoted GSD fans out there. We appreciate you for always being there for our Shepherds, for running emergencies to the vet & for providing the best care possible for 3 different teminally ill Shepherds.

Thank you to our database expert Kim

Thank you to Stephanie for driving clear across 2 states to help foster and take care of seniors & dogs with special medical needs.

A BIG thank you to Bob, our outstanding homecheck/screener/vet checking/everything volunteer. Bob has facilitated many adoptions by his prompt and thorough homechecks that might not otherwise have happened! The Rescue and the dogs, are so lucky to have your help!!

Are there words to express the gratitude that we have for the Andersons? Without their amazing generosity, so many dogs would not have received the specialized care that they so desperately needed. Thank you so much for caring so deeply.