Washington German Shepherd Rescue


Dear German shepherd Adopters,

First and foremost, thank you for rescuing your dog and giving him/her a beautiful new life. I’m certain that you have received as much enjoyment from your companion as you have provided and that you find it hard to imagine your life without him or her.

I am writing to you with an urgent plea for other German Shepherds who are not as fortunate. We have a serious shortage of foster homes for these beautiful dogs. Everyday we receive urgent requests from shelters, asking us to take in a German shepherd who has been deemed “for a rescue group” only. Sadly, we seldom have the space to take these dogs in and without our help, they end up losing their lives at the shelter. You may or may not know that Shepherds do very poorly in shelter environments. The typically react in one of two ways; defensive (perceived as aggressive) or depressed (or what we refer to as Shepherd shut-down). German Shepherds are highly emotional and intelligent dogs and the shelter environment is detrimental to most all that end up there. Sadly, these dogs who would gladly give their lives for their family, have been tossed into an environment that is frightening, lonely and completely devoid of the companionship that they long for.

The volunteers at the Washington German Shepherd Rescue urge you to consider fostering a Shepherd. You can foster one time or many times, depending on your availability. You can even volunteer to foster while another foster family leaves for vacation (sometimes only 2-4 days). We are pleading with you to consider fostering for the sake of other dogs much like your own. Dogs that, given a chance, will flourish and provide years of love and companionship to another lucky family. Your dog was given a chance by the selfless foster homes past and present of the Rescue. If not for those families, your dog would more than likely have perished at a shelter. Please look into your companion’s eyes and see the gift that you both have in each other. You have the power to give another dog this same chance and it is extremely gratifying to know that you have literally saved a life. The requirements are small: a crate, a garage, some time and some love. We do our utmost to make the foster experience as enjoyable as possible. If you are interested in making a difference, please email the rescue directly at washingtonshepherds@yahoo.com. We thank you for your consideration and the many dogs that are hoping for a chance to be loved, thank you too….


Volunteer Staff Washington German Shepherd Rescue


To find loving homes for surrendered, abandoned or neglected dogs and puppies. Washington GSD Rescue hopes to ease the problem of the population overflow occuring in many of our shelters today. We educate the individual on the importance of sterilizing the pet and providing superior care.

We are composed of a network of foster families and are in need of finding more foster care providers with the time and commitment to provide care for these animals in transition. We also are in need of people to provide transportation for these animals. We are an all volunteer rescue.


If you are interested in a dog, please fill out an Adoption Application. If you haven't heard from us for a few days, feel free to contact us.


Fees vary, usually $65 and up for reimbursement of expenses. This may include, but not be limited to, spay/neuter and vaccinations, Xrays etc. Our adoption fees help to cover the adopted dog's expenses as well as help with the medical expenses incurred by other ill, injured, handicapped or aging rescue dogs. In addition, we require all adopters to have purchased a firm dog bed, provide supplements that may assist in the prevention of arthritis and enroll in specified obedience training (within 14 day).


If you are in the Puget Sound Area, please contact us at washingtonshepherds@yahoo.com. We monitor the email daily, so this is the fastest way to contact us.